Routines, habits, and gratitude. Oh my!

Does that sound scarier than lions, tigers, and bears to you? If so, you aren’t alone. Trying to implement one or all of those things into your daily life can be overwhelming if you aren’t sure where to start or how.

The first, and possibly most important point I want to make is that new habits take time to cultivate- about a month most experts will agree. It’s important to take that into account and while I believe you need to put forth the effort to get the things you want, a realistic timeline needs to be involved in any habit change/development and goal setting. I’m not sure what derails folks more- an unrealistic timeline or the realization that they don’t even care about the goal/habit they have their sights set on in the first place! Routine is also something that highly successful people- from entrepreneurs to CEOs- also swear by. So if you have some big ideas and things you want to accomplish in your life, personally or professionally, consider your routine and how it is impacting you.

Routine has always been a large part of my life, for as long as I can remember. I grew up in a very structured and organized household. We all woke up at our specific times and needed to be out the door at a specific time. Missing the school bus was not an option… Unless you really enjoyed getting yelled at and then awkward silent treatment the whole way to school. Reflecting back, the biggest lesson I learned was, my actions affect the people around me. As an adult, it has helped me to remain focused and successful at work.

Not everyone thrives with a strict routine. Your routine should be for you and about you and how you can live your best life. I always start my day the same. Wake, washroom, a cup of hot water, journal, check email. This is where I developed my gratitude practice too. Each morning I write down three things I’m grateful for, and I can not tell you the shift I’ve seen in my mindset since I started journaling and having an “attitude of gratitude”. This all took years to create and is still evolving and improving. I try to carry my gratitude practice with me through the day, because it really has helped me during times of frustration or doubt or even anger.

So- start small and start today! Don’t overthink it and get started. If exercise/activity is your new habit, go for a walk today. Save the research on recommended daily activities and how much you should do for when you are bored. Just make the decision to start that new habit and put your focus there. Maybe your new routine is “wake by 6 a.m., sleep by 10 p.m.”. There is no hard and fast rule on the perfect routine or the perfect habits- just what is perfect for you.

Have a beautiful week, do what you do and do it well! 🙏 Namaste

Author: Namastasia Yoga

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