Dammed if you do…

“In a moment of crisis, the wise build bridges, and the foolish build dams…” – Nigerian Proverb

I heard this phrase earlier this week and spent some time contemplating what it meant and how it relates to my life.  I started reflecting on my career path in fitness and nutrition, and at first, I admit, I was a little deflated.  There is a part of me – and I am sure this resonates with anyone reading at one point or another – that wishes I would have focused more, learned more, taken courses sooner, and been in this spot faster.  However, the more experience I gain, and the more I accomplish, the less I seem to look back with regret.  It’s easy for us to fall into those negative thought patterns of “what if” and “why didn’t I,” but if you are not taking away some insight or new ideas, it’s time to move forward and leave those thoughts behind.

How does this quote relate to your life?  Do you feel like you build dams or bridges in your life?  What is your mindset when it comes to assessing accomplishment or failure?

It would be easy for me to say I should have done things sooner and that I have myself to blame for wasted time with other endeavors, but then I also believe that things reveal themselves to us or come to us when we are ready for them. At times, I find myself returning to the “what if” game, but I remind myself that I was in a completely different place ten years ago. I had a completely different skillset and tools available and even had a different approach to health and nutrition. What I have learned over the last ten years has been invaluable to my education and business today, and I am genuinely grateful for the experience and the clarity I have about my future. 

Maybe instead of looking back and seeing dams, we can look back and realize it was a bridge the whole time.🙏 Namaste

Author: Namastasia Yoga

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