About Me

My journey with yoga began about 15 years ago, initially as a form of exercise.  Over the years, I would drop into classes whenever I had a gym membership somewhere, but for the most part, I developed a home practice and continued to learn about health, fitness, and wellness as a personal hobby.  For years I knew I wanted a career in the health industry, but I was not sure exactly how, and my excitement was usually met with discouragement from the people in my life.

Fast forward to the final months of 2017, after losing my brother to a heart attack at only 52, I needed to reassess the direction my health was going.  Our father had his first heart attack at 48 years old; my younger brother and I just toddlers at the time.  Seeing what lay before me if I continued to work two stressful jobs, sleep 4-6 hours at most and try to survive off of fries and pizza during the chaos was enough.  I started to make changes to my diet and lifestyle, assessed what was important to me, and in early 2019 I started my own wellness business.

Namastasia Yoga is how I share my love of yoga, mindfulness and meditation, and overall wellness with the world.  Finding balance in your life is the key to surviving and thriving.  While my life looks a lot different than it did just a few short years ago, I feel great and enjoy where I am at now.

In the Community:

In Partnership with Edge Yoga School:

  • Onstage presenter at Club Industry Show – Chicago, IL 2019
  • Mindfulness and Meditation workshop presenter at ReFuel – Naperville, IL 2019

Various Goat Yoga Experiences with The Mending Muse.