classes + styles

Goat Yoga

One of my favorite styles of yoga to teach is goat yoga! My buddy Wally and his friends love to join me on the mat. If you are interested in booking a goat yoga experience head over to The Mending Muse and Angela will help you out!

Mindfulness and Meditation

I also enjoy sharing Mindfulness and Meditation with others. When we slow down and pay attention to our thoughts, we can start to find balance and peacefulness in our life.

Online and in the Studio

  • Vinyasa Flow – an energizing flow with everything from sun salutations to savasana.
  • Hatha Flow – similar to Vinyasa, focus shifts toward connecting breath to asana at a slower pace.
  • Restorative – slow down and get comfortable – blankets and pillows can be used for support and comfort as we will settle into poses to hold the stretch.